Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Catch-Up: Comic-Con 2013

I’m still a little woozy/dehydrated/sleep-deprived from my visit to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but it was all worth it.  I made some new friends, partied on a pirate ship, and was shooed out of a bathroom by Harrison Ford’s bodyguard!  

I also wrote a bunch of posts for Screen Invasion.  Check out my links, bro:

Ender’s Game had a big presence at the Con, with a “fan experience” walkthrough and a press conference, where even the professional journalists still ask Ford stupid questions about Han Solo.

- The South Park: The Stick of Truth panel devolved - as Comic-Con panels must - into a series of hyper-specific fanboy questions posed to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, as captured in my live blog.

- Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright graciously answered questions about their upcoming film, The World’s End, in a series of down-to-earth roundtable interviews.

- I camped out in a hotel ballroom to confirm that the final season of How I Met Your Mother will indeed have a mother, and live blogged the remarkably organized True Blood panel.  Though it was arguably more fun getting caught up - via Wikipedia and in-person fan summaries - on the insane plotlines of the latter (I had stopped watching True Blood after Season 4, but it sounds like the show is finally returning to its roots).

- Shockingly, I managed to get a scoop from sitting in a cavernous room and letting Kevin Smith gab at me.  I covered his annual Q&A live from Hall H, where Smith gave details about a couple movie projects he’s currently developing: Clerks III and a quirky horror movie entitled Tusk.  I was later cited by /Film and Bloody Disgusting, premium linkage that’s almost as exciting as seeing your name in print.

Just a reminder that you can see all my non-Amblog work on Screen Invasion, in addition to tons of other great content.  We now returned to your regularly scheduled Amblogging...

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