Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Catch-Up: Amblog Extracurriculars

Question: What does an Ambler do when he's not Amblogging?

Answer: A lot.

Comic-Con 2014

I recently traveled to America's Finest City to experience San Diego Comic-Con for the fifth time and my second trip as a member of the press.  Covering the event for Screen Invasion, I met more fascinating artists, creators, writers, actors, cosplayers, journalists, and fans than you could fit in a TARDIS.  I partied on a decommissioned aircraft carrier.  I sang along with a backpacking troubadour who knew Weird Al's entire discography by heart.  I saw a sports bar overrun by sweaty nerds gyrating to the soundtrack from A Goofy Movie.  And I did a little bit of writing:

- The minds behind the beloved cult sitcom Community expressed optimism and bemusement about their miraculous renewal by Yahoo.  (I also interviewed showrunner Dan Harmon a while back about his new documentary.)

- I learned that '90s metal gets Daniel Radcliffe in touch with his darker side at a press conference for the horror/fantasy/dark comedy Horns.

- LAIKA Studios is (almost) single-handedly keeping the stop-motion animated feature alive, and the roundtable interviews for The Boxtrolls renewed my confidence in their mission.

- Mike Tyson talked about his new animated series for Adult well as a bunch of other stuff.  Hands down the most unpredictable encounter to be had at this (let's face it) glorified trade show.

- And in my biggest coup of the Con, I had a wonderful conversation with Guardians of the Galaxy screenwriter Nicole Perlman, who had plenty to say about writing, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and science in popular culture.

What Were We Watching? Podcast

Oh, you want more?  How about a brand-new podcast where I join forces with the analytical genius of my filmmaker friend Cam Siemer (@CinematicESP)?

On What Were We Watching? we re-examine the movies of our childhood and find out how much of them we're still carrying with us today.  It's more biographical than critical - it's not about good and bad, but then and now.

The podcast accessible on our new blog as well as through iTunes, and you can reach out to us via our Twitter account, @w4podcast.  The first episode, tackling Good Burger, is already available for your listening pleasure, with episode two coming in the next couple of days.  New episodes will post every other week.  Subscribe, and hold onto your butts.

Blog-iversary 3: Senior Year

I continue to get worse at recognizing my own milestones, so here's where I belatedly mention that Ambler Amblog celebrated its third anniversary last month.  I started this project primarily as a creative outlet with no expectations/delusions of becoming anyone's trusted source for movie reviews, so I'm genuinely touched that you all continue to read and discuss and have faith in what I write.  Without you, the reader, this would have faded into obscurity (well...a greater obscurity) a long time ago.  I sincerely thank you.  Now go to the movies!

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